Smoothies: All About them for you

How it began: Smoothies are hugely popular in places in UK and US. A smoothie or smoothy is a blended sweet beverage. These beverages are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. There can also be recipes of chocolate, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. as the ingredients. There are further additions these days of ice, honey, frozen fruit and other flavoring syrups. Smoothies are mostly like milk shakes and are therefore generally thicker than juices. They may also contain ice creams, milk, honey, etc. These days there are preparations of herbal ingredients like that of green tea to make the smoothies healthier. People who are health-conscious are inclined towards these. The popularity of these beverages began in the 1960s as the health food stores started to sell them. By the early 2000s, it became a regular on the menu in cafes and were bottled and sold in various supermarkets. Because they are made from different fresh fruits, vegetables, smoothies are the easiest way to add a lot of nutrition and enjoy the fresh feeling of fruits together for your body as you gulp it down. They consist of vitamins, minerals, milk proteins as well and are beneficial for you. You can have any type of smoothie or even come up with your own original recipe, with the fruits and other ingredients that you think are necessary in your diet. Such recipes can be taken in your breakfast.

Herbal ingredients

Herbal ingredients

Health benefits: For those who have a tight schedule to follow in the morning, sandwiches and a glass of smoothie can be refreshing, nutritious and will make them feel energetic. These are great to taste and there are varieties of them which makes them so popular. There is nothing like mixing or blending fruits and vegetables which takes no time almost and then enjoying the vitamins and nutrients together. There are certain fruits which are commonly used like strawberries, bananas, apples and others. When you are thinking of adding bananas, try adding some peanut butter in the blender as well. What you will get is a rich creamy delight which will also be equally great for your health. Drinking smoothie regularly does a lot for you. It maintains your circulatory system and keeps it healthy. It keeps your muscles strong and also prevents ulcers in your stomach. The ingredients that include fibrous fruits and vegetables are good for digestion and also the acid levels are well regulated in your body.

Mostly used: From the ones that have been listed above, strawberries are not just preferred for their taste but also for their health benefits. Strawberries are good for your heart and also for your blood pressure. You can never have problems with your cholesterol count as well as your cells will be able to prevent damage and repair due to the antioxidants present in this fruit. Strawberries are tasty and can be used with several combinations. In fact, think of any combination and add strawberry to it and see how it tastes. You can take the three common ones even, like banana, strawberry and blueberry and make your own daily smoothie. Along with strawberry, you can also add vanilla in most of the preparations or yogurt to add more taste to it.


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